MaRo Design Challenge

I recently started following Mark Rosewater, head designer of Magic the Gathering for Wizards of the Coast, on Tumblr, and yesterday I started listening to his podcast, Drive to Work.

I have played Magic, as I mentioned in my last blog, since the early 90s. Magic the Gathering came out in 1993, and I started then or in 1994, can’t quite recall. I have Revised and 4th edition cards even now, so I was in pretty close to the start.

I have wanted to work on Magic the Gathering for years, pretty much since I seriously considered a career. I’m at a loss as to how to actually get that job (though I just googled and found an article that should give me an idea).

But someone recently asked if he could give his followers design challenges, and today he put one up:

I need an uncommon artifact creature that costs more than 4. We’re stuck with the name Mercury Golem so make this top down. Go.

Sadly, he cannot look at the designs (legal issues. If they were to design a card too similar to a person’s design, said person could sue), but I can post it here:

Mercury Golem

As the temperature goes, so does he.

Now, I just noticed a big problem with this. Your opponent can kill for just two blue, and you can’t necessarily protect it. So… less than stellar design. But first shot at a design challenge.

Card was designed in Magic Set Editor. The picture comes from Terminator Judgement Day.

The Daily Count: 252

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