Daemon Mailer [Deviant Art WoW contest]

2014-11-22 18.25.16

Deviant Art is holding a contest to promote Blizzard’s new expansion for Hearthstone (it’s an online card game based on World of Warcraft for the rare few people who might read this who don’t know what that is).

The basic object is to draw a gnome or goblin character, based on the World of Warcraft gnomes and goblins. Both races are, of course, short, and are the tinkers of the setting, though Gnome tech is more shiny, orderly clockwork and Goblin tech is more cluttered, random “schizo tech”.

Given my preference for goblins and all things dark, I am of course drawing a goblin warlock with magi-tech. The rocket gives the drawing it’s title, as it is a “Daemon Mailer,” ie, a weapon for shooting imps at people. The other hand will be clad in a mecha-magical gauntlet similar to that worn by Rasputin in Hellboy.

I am open to critique and criticism and would in fact like any people have to offer, so I can fix stuff now.

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