So, I did a good run, for a bit, I think. I, of course, petered out, but I did show to myself that I can sort of do something regular, especially if I keep myself too it.

So, I’m going to restart this. At the moment, I’m working on a couple books, a game, and a drawing. And I need to draw more in general. So this blog will be updated daily with either- a chapter or section of one of the books I’m working on, musings on the game I’m working on, or a drawing/progress update of a drawing I’m working on.

The Current Projects:

  • Currently Untitled Modern Occult Novel: A professional occult investigator is called to exorcise a haunted mansion after every more mainstream and near mainstream effort has been exhausted.
  • The Hunter’s Manual: A guide for prospective and experienced monster hunters discussing various monsters both well and little known.
  • Daemon Mailer: drawing Deviant Art is doing a contest to promote the new Hearthstone expansion. Given that the contest amounts to “Draw an awesome looking goblin!”, which is something I’m usually pretty interested in, I figured I’d throw my hat in. So I’ll be posting progress updates for that.
  • Currently Unnamed Convention Duel Game: game The basic idea of the game is a fantasy dueling game that can be played while standing at a convention or in a line. The idea is to use buttons as game pieces, allowing everything on a player’s side of the field to be worn on their sleeve.
  • After Sundown Tarot Deck: drawings A 78 card tarot deck with illustrations thematically fitting with the Indie RPG After Sundown for use as part of it’s character advancement system.

So, those are the projects I’m actively working on, but I seem to do best when I just pick up whatever I feel like working on and work on it a bit, and I’ve got a lot of other projects I’ve started and then put aside, so some other projects may pop up on occasion. If they do, I’ll explain them so people know what’s going on.

The idea is to have content every weekday, but that may not happen immediately, or it may quickly turn into daily content, who knows. And hell, sometimes I may just ramble for a bit, though I’ll try to have something of substance that day too.

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