Fierce Humanity

The greatest traits of humanity are love, passion, and rage.

Most would likely agree that love is admirable, devotion to another, putting them ahead of oneself.

It’s hard to imagine anyone could malign passion, the utter investment of oneself in something, but a case could be made.

Few would homilize rage.

But the rage of a mother who demands why their child was put in harms way,

Of one daring the world to harm one hair or say one cross word about their sibling,

Of the smitten fan standing for their idolized against those who malign,

Who could say that is not admirable?

But above all, admire ferocity–it is the steel that hones all of experience and all traits.

Fierce love is that which will not let the other go easily, and will not let them be torn away.

Fierce passion is that which transforms the subject, and brings it to new heights.

Fierce rage is sometimes all that is left, that must be enough, and more than enough, to hold onto love, to passion, to life.

The greatest of humanity is characterized by love, passion, and rage, and most of all by love, passion and rage shown with ferocity.

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